Ige makes deal to get his friend a job

Word on the street is that Governor David Ige struck a deal with UH President David Lassner to get the governor’s friend, developer lobbyist Carleton Ching, a job as UH director of land development.  The price?  Vetoing HB553 which would have given graduate student state employees the right to collectively bargain.

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Lege cut back on DoH vector control – now Big Island has Dengue

In this November 9, 2015 interview with Dr. Lorrin Pang, who successfully eradicated Dengue from Maui island in 2001, he talks about the Legislature cutting funds for disease vector (e.g. mosquitoes etc) control.  We can hope that his effective and hands-on approach will be able to stop the Big Island infection and that the Legislature quickly gives him the money to do it.  According to Senator Kalani English, there is $1.5 million that can be used.