Maui voices were heard: Tivoli Faaumu new Police Chief

Apparently public outcry against business as usual at Maui Police Department was heard by the Police Commission and acted upon.

Tivoli Faaumu has been appointed the new chief.  Faaumu has been described as “fair” and “an excellent leader” by the rank and file of MPD.

Hana Hou Magazine has an article about Faaumu here.

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Watch Faaumu address issues of communication and trust head on.

MPD: Fairer for officers. More tranparent for public

Picking a new Maui chief of police is an opportunity for improvement – both inside and outside the department.  Response to our last article has been informative but unfortunately off the record.  So this will serve more as an opinion piece expressing the consensus of these off-the-record contacts.

Making MPD a better place to work:

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MPD – A Chance for Change Being Bungled

Maui Police Department, despite many outstanding officers, has a past of bad administration that has gotten the department in hot water with the courts. It looks like the Police Commission has no taste for changing this.

When Chief Gary Yabuta retired  July 30, 2014, residents were optimistic that the Police Commission would appoint an educated chief dedicated to cleaning up the corruption in the department.  Corruption and bad judgement that includes:

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