Balfour a climate change denier

Sources tell us that when Gov Ige’s people asked Bill Balfour  whether he thought climate change was an issue to worry about with regard to water, he indicated that he felt it might or might not be real and might or might not be caused by humans, and said if it was,  it was “God’s will”.

And Gov Ige  nominated him to the Water Commission knowing this?  Perhaps we should have asked David Ige whether he is a climate change denier too.

Here are the phone numbers for the WTL Committee. The final hearing is Friday, April 17 at 1:15pm in room 224.

Chair Laura Thielen: 587-8388

Vice-Chair Brickwood Galuteria: 586-6740
Les Ihara: 586-6250
Maile Shimabukuro: 586-7793
Gil Riviere: 586-7330
Sam Sloan: 586-8420
Russel Rudermann: 586-6890
Gov Ige  586-0034


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