Complaints filed against Forward Progress and its donor PAC

In our last article on the superPAC Forward Progress we were attempting to trace the ultimate source of their money. Forward Progress has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into local council races on the Big Island and Maui.

According to the Campaign Spending Committee, Forward Progress’ donor, Hawaii Carpenters Recovery Market Fund told them their funding comes from developers and construction companies.  Despite the name “Carpenters”, the money does not come from union membership dues but rather the companies which employ carpenters.

But we have no way of verifying this since the Fund hides its donors behind a misleading and inaccurate Campaign contribution disclosure form.  We filed a complaint with the Campaign Spending Commission asking them to force the Fund to disclose its donors as required by law.

The one thing we do know is that 50% of the control of the money is vested in the developers and construction corporations.

After a great deal of negative feedback towards Forward Progress’ candidates like Ka’ala Buenconsejo on Maui, Forward Progress has taken to hiding the candidates who benefit from their hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We filed a complaint against them for an incomplete Schedule D – Unpaid Expenditures Report On: 2012-2014 Final Primary July 26 – August 9, 2014.  That form lists $156,446 but leaves the “Purpose of Expenditure/Candidates name(s)” column completely blank.

Below is the press release on the Campaign Spending Complaint

Maui Resident Files Complaint Against Forward Progress SuperPAC Donor

Hawaii political activist Karen Chun has filed a complaint with the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission alleging that the Hawaii Carpenters Recovery Market Fund has violated sections §11-351(c) and §11-353 of Hawaii law by not disclosing the the original source of their funds and keeping their contributions anonymous by listing their own name as the source of each of their contributions.

“The Fund is the sole source of contributions to the SuperPAC, Forward Progress, which has spent over $100,000 supporting Ka’ala Buenconsejo.” Buenconsejo is running for the West Maui Council seat against incumbent Elle Cochran.

“ According to the Campaign Spending Commission, the Fund told them the source of their contributions are developers and construction companies employing unionized carpenters. But without adequate disclosure we don’t know if that is even true. If true, we don’t know who those companies are,” explained Chun.

Chun is asking the Campaign Spending Commission to compel the Hawaii Carpenters Recovery Market Fund to disclose the original sources of their contributions and reveal who is paying for the Buenconsejo flyers.

“Without this information, we can only speculate what big money interests are interfering in our election,” said Chun.

Chun is also filing a complaint against the Forward Progress SuperPAC for not disclosing which candidates benefited from their expenditures on  Schedule D – Unpaid Expenditures Report On: 2012-2014 Final Primary July 26 – August 9, 2014


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