GMO Moratorium Debate Reaction

I am appalled that Mike Victorino listened to Dr. Pang’s testimony about Monsanto field workers (probably all shipped back to the Philippines by now) coming to him for help about the cancer they were getting working for the GMO companies.

And then he said he’d vote against the Moratorium because he didn’t want to see families hurt by losing jobs. So Mike, you’d rather see them lose family members to cancer?? JESUS CHRIST are you a complete moron?

There was plenty of testimony that Monsanto has nonGMO seeds and that they are a larger part of their business – in fact they are patenting organic seeds.

So this whole bullshit about Monsanto packing up and leaving if they aren’t allowed to grow GMOs is a shabai.

But then again, perhaps Victorino is not smart enough to put 2 and 2 together and realize this.

Yes, Victorino, help these families you say you care aboiut get cancer and birth defects. Ship them back to the Philippines when they get sick so they are out of sight and out of mind.


  • Karen Chun: Dr. Pang is a world renown scientist. I give him kudos for being totally unbiased. He even did a chemtrail study for the chemtrail nuts (and showed there was ZERO correlation between what they claimed were days that had chemtrails and his air tests, thus conclusively disproving their conspiracy theory)

    So the man approaches every question with an open mind. Does good science. Gets accurate results.

    If he DID find the science saying that GMOs damage health (which he did), I’m inclined to trust him as being honest and objective.

  • Another person: Damn, I never saw Lorrin get choked up like that… talking about all of the sick biotech farm workers who are coming to him; that really got to me. Only a loon wouldn’t realize we most likely have a silent emergency happening here between biotech & the cane company.
  • Karen Chun: I know. I could see he was trying hard not to show emotion about the GMO workers who came to him for help about their cancers.
  • Karen Chun: And the take-home message is that most of these field workers are imported from the Philippines so when they get sick, they can just get disappeared BACK to the Philippines.
  • Another person: I hope the ‘humans’ who devised this business model end up a few floors below hell.
  • Karen Chun: Even Gladys Baisa who was concerned about jobs got that the GMO companies are making people sick.
  • Another person: I’m here crying over these sick workers and Victorino is cool as ice
  • Karen Chun: Dr. Pang referenced the uranium workers. Saying that the workers who testified that uranium mining was safe were the ones that weren’t sick. Of course we now know that the radon in the mines was giving a significant number of them cancer.
  • Another Person: I think he was stating that there weren’t any others alive…if I know my sensei and his bent but beautiful mind!
  • Another Person: Nice try Wong attempting to get them to say oh sure let us wait until the end of July and then miss putting this on the ballot this year… I do not think so Mr. Wong that just isn’t the will of 19,000 people who want this moratorium!
  • Karen Chun: Actually I thought Don Couch was even worse because he kept making these sly digs at Dr. Pang….calling into question his credentials (which are impressive including working for the Federal government on panels, being a Professor at a University, publishing scientific papers, etc). We are unbelievably lucky to have Dr. Pang as our Public Health Officer.

    I believe Dr. Pang is the only person in history to eradicate Dengue Fever once it got a hold. We owe him a HUGE debt of gratitude for that!

  • Karen Chun: Who is this dude, Wong? Corporate Council aka do NOTHING to uphold the rights of the citizens? (on any subject)
  • Another person: He didn’t even recuse himself he just refused to vote… why? Don Couch worked with the Mayor for years it isn’t surprising at all as they have different thought processes. It was fascinating seeing a Intellectual of great merit attempting to get across some heady precepts of science and yet keep it friendly. I can only imagine what it was like reading his research paper, Big Words Indeed! What I find the most egregious here is the fact that Council is having a difficult time wrapping their collective brains around the fact that this is not a proven science and it is killing people! They are more concerned about getting back on the campaign trail than listening to something that keeps people alive!
  • Karen Chun: I know – Couch isn’t actually that stupid – he was just ACTING.
  • Another Person: whatevers it takes to get that vote afterall his homeowners fees are around $800 per month now versus the $80 they started out with ….is that called” Arrested Developers Syndrome Karma”?
  • Karen Chun: Don Couch and the Mayor are both Republicans as in, don’t put ANY restrictions on corporations or developers
  • Karen Chun: Which is why I am voting for John Fitzpatrick.
  • Karen Chun: Except for Victorino does not have an opponent who is any better. Blackburn does not believe in regulating corporations.
  • Karen Chun: Next election we need to get a good candidate for Wailuku. I’m willing to help anyone who wants to run on an environmental platform
  • Another person: There are no Medical Toxicologist on Maui an only one on Oahu that works for Tripler… He cannot keep up with his work load. So I have to go to the mainland to prove this crap is killing me and my bird! I am not surprised by Victorino for his position because he is only positioning himself for his constituency… A good leader is one that cares about ALL THE PEOPLE! I wonder how much money he has taken from Chem Co’s? Have you researched the Council to see who has been bought off?
  • Karen Chun: I don’t think any of our council has taken Monsanto etc donations. Who needs to donate to them? They’re sold out anyway (except Don Guzman and Elle Cochran – who are under attack by heavily financed opponents fronting for A&B/Monsanto)
  • Another Person: What happened to Don’s ring finger I can understand how the middle one could get bent during all this but… just saying
  • Karen Chun: Dunno…fortunately it won’t affect his partying ability – I am totally looking forward to another of his election night parties.
  • Karen Chun: Ha,ha – now you candidates know the secret to my support
  • Another person: oh yah, I want to go to one of em heard they are pretty wild… but I do know a friend of mine approached Don G. asking him to sign his petition for the moratorium and Don got all legal on him and wouldn’t sign it…
  • Karen Chun: I wouldn’t let that weigh too heavily. Don seriously considers everything and doesn’t take action until he’s considered the subject in depth.
  • Another person: I found it very heartening to see people showing feelings today at the conclusion of the meeting. Now if they would invest some time in researching this subject they would be better suited for their positions but all this did was reinforce my thoughts that we really need progressive leadership that can wrap its mind around the necessity of cleaning up the Mother Earth!
  • Karen Chun: Note his question to Dr. Pang on exactly how one section of the Moratorium law would be implemented – he thinks thing through, looks at all potential pitfalls, etc.
  • Another person: I am totally in support of Don Guzman as he is an intellectual and a good person who is honest and polite to everyone. His presence is crucial for the Council because he is educated and does not use double negatives thinking it is cool to sound illiterate to future generations.
  • Karen Chun: “I can understand how the middle one could get bent during all this but… just saying”
  • LOL! I know what you mean. When Victorino was talking I was yelling at my TV all kinds of things I wouldn’t say in public. Moron was the mildest
  • Another person: LOLOLOL

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