GOP PAC goes after Mark Takai with $300,000 last minute negative ads

With just two and a half weeks to go and mail-in voting well underway, the National Republican Congressional Committee has decided to concentrate on five seats. One of them is Hawaii’s congressional district 1 where Mark Takai (D) is facing Teapartier Charles Djou.

Two conservative groups say they’ll spend $3.2 million targeting Democrat-held congressional seats.  American Action says it will put $300,000 into ads against Mark Takai (D).  Look for things to go heavily negative on Hawai’i TV soon.

According to Politico, Republican groups are slated to outspend Democrats by more than two to one.

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel said he was unhappy with the lack of help from liberal groups, most of which have been focused on keeping the Senate in Democratic hands.

That leaves distant Hawai’i at the mercy of these conservative PACs.

According to Open Secrets, the American Action Network reported spending more than $18.9 million in the 2010 congressional elections, targeting dozens of Democratic House and Senate candidates.

American Action shares office space with Crossroads GPS/American Crossroads, one of the largest outside spending networks, which has ties to GOP operative Karl Rove.

Cent Uygur gave American Action Network his “Con Job of the Day” award and you can see examples of their negative ads.  In this case targeting Democrats who voted for the Job Stimulus bill during the worst of the recession.

This PAC probably won’t bad mouth job stimulus bills in Hawaii because that wouldn’t get them far. (Or maybe they will…but that would be too much to hope for.)

Djou did vote against anything resembling a job stimulus bill during the short 7 months he was in Congress during the nadir of the economic crisis.

What Democratic ideal will American Action Network go after?  Djou opposes marriage equality.  He opposes choice. He opposes raising Minimum Wage.  Any of these are fodder but perhaps it will be more effective to just completely make something up.  The best negative ads are those which incorporate The Big Lie and this group seems adept at coming up with them.

We won’t have to wait long to see what negative ads this Republican group puts on Hawaii TV against Democrat Mark Takai….unfortunately.

You can read more about Teapartier Djou’s bad votes at

And you can help keep Hawai’i blue by donating to Mark Takai through ActBlue. (Takai is endorsed by the Progressive Caucus and the Sierra Club)

Here’s a NOAA image of Hurricane Ana which is hitting Hawai’i as I write.  We can recover from hurricanes but not from two years of Teaparty representation!

Hurricane Ana approaching Big Island 6pm HST Oct 17, 2014
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