From the Schatz campaign:

Congresswoman Hanabusa yesterday took out paid advertisements falsely accusing Senator Schatz of supporting sending American troops to engage in another war in Iraq.If that sounds far-fetched, you’re right. Not only has Senator Schatz been clear that he believes there is no military solution in Iraq, the Star-Advertiser has reported that:

“Schatz and Hana­busa both strongly opposed military action in Iraq.” So why would Congresswoman Hanabusa take out paid advertisements attacking a position that Civil Beat called “strikingly similar” to her own?

Because our opponent is apparently willing to say anything at this point. The facts don’t matter to her campaign.

Help us fight back against these deliberately false attacks: rush a contribution to the campaign.

It’s disappointing that Congresswoman Hanabusa and her campaign are taking this negative turn — attacking Senator Schatz and misrepresenting his views.

Senator Schatz has stated repeatedly that there is no military solution in Iraq.

Senator Schatz has been focused every day on running a positive campaign, representing our shared values, and fighting for Hawai‘i in the Senate. But when we face attacks like this, we need to set the record straight.

This isn’t the first lie that Hanabusa has propagated in the campaign but it is most certainly the biggest.First Hanabusa claimed she didn’t vote to cut Social Security and raise the age of retirement.  That was fact checked as a big fat lie given her 2013 vote to include Simpson-Bowles as an amendment to a bill.


Hanabusa & Ron Kind: “We’re ready to deal”…away your Social Security

Then she voted against the budget bill (the only one we’ve been able to get out of the GOP controlled House and which forestalled another government shutdown) and used that as a talking point claiming that Sen Schatz voted to reduce military pensions.What she did not state was that Schatz had already fixed the cut to vet COLA and that not passing the budget would have hurt vets a whole heck of a lot more.

I guess that wasn’t a lie but it sure was a masterful misstatement of Senator Schatz’s work.

Please donate to Brian Schatz to he can mount a last minute ad to push back against Hanabusa’s desperate lie.…

Reprinted from DailyKos