Monsanto awards itself Wildlife Habitat "certification"

Monsanto has been trumpeting its award from the Wildlife Habitat Council – a PR invention by the worlds most egregious polluters.  Their website appears to be created by the same company that created Great Ecology‘s website.  Great Ecology is a corporate PR company.

According to a website critical of the Wildlife Habitat Council, its members include major polluters such as Koch Industries, Bayer, Dow, Monsanto itself, BASF, Exxon, Dupont and more.  The following is a partial list of members reproduced from the site.

Advanced Disposal Services – Settled pollution complaint
Aggregate Industries Management, Inc. – $2.75 million fine for violating Clean Water Act
Albemarle Corporation – Violated emissions standards
American Electric Power – Settled $4.6 billion air emissions lawsuit
ARCADISAccused of supplying contaminated landfill
ArcelorMittalContaminated groundwater
Argos CementPaid $1.5 million fine for emissions
Ash Grove Cement CompanyPaid $2.5million for emissions violation
Ashland Inc.Paid $1million in cleanup fees for their Hercules chemical operation
BASF CorporationNumerous pollution cases including $500million in worker contamination for their chemical manufacuturing operations
Bayer Corporationlisted as the most toxic company in the U.S. by UMASS
BB&JLaw firm that defends corporate polluters
Benjamin Moore & Co.Numerous municipalities have sued them for polluting land
BP – Deep Water Horizon Blowout – need we say more?
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.Sued for $85million toxic land contamination
Bristol-Myers Squibb CompanyNumerous cases including discharging chemical waste into a lake
Bruce Power – Nuclear Wastes company
Buzzi Unicem USA, Inc. – See Ashland above – same company
California Resources CorporationPetroleum company that fracks
CEMEXSettled $1.7million air pollution case
Chevron$9.5 billion fine for polluting Equador
CITGO Petroleum CorporationAccused of criminally polluting Corpus Christi neighborhood
Consumers EnergyPaid $billion to settle air pollution lawsuit
CourseCo Inc.
CSX TransportationAquifer contamination
Dixie Chemical CompanyOpposed chemical weapons ban because they would be subject to inspection for the chemicals they manufacture
DTE EnergySued for Air Pollution
DuPontNotorious Chemical Company Polluter
Ensign United States DrillingFined for exposing workers to toxic chemicals after oil well explosions
EQT Gathering, LLC Many fines for air and land pollution
Ernst Conservation SeedsPetroleum Company that Fracks
Exelon CorporationNuclear and Coal utility
ExxonMobilExxon Valdez oil spill – need we say more?
Fairmount SantrolFracking supply company that polluted an entire town
Fidelity Investments
Formosa Plastics CorporationContaminated soil and water
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Accused of human rights violations and fined for corrupt business practices
General Motors LLCToxic Waste Dumping
GlaxoSmithKlineBribery and fraudulent health claims
Great Ecology – White-washing for corporations being sued aka “litigation support” and what a coincidence – their website is created by the same company that created the Wildlife Habitat Council website!
Grifols USAAccused of limiting plasma to patients and price fixing
HolcimCement plant with many pollution complaints
IBM CorporationMultiple toxic pollution cases alleging deaths
ITC Holdings
Kinder MorganContaminated San Diego’s ground water
Koch Industries, Inc. & SubsidiariesMajor Polluter who has donated hundreds of millions in political funds to weaken environmental laws and elect anti-EPA candidates
LafargeCement manufacturer guilty of air pollution
Lockheed MartinMultiple cases of toxic water pollution
Marathon Oil CompanyGuilty of water pollution from fracking
Marathon Petroleum Corporation – See above
Master Brands
Monsanto CompanySubject of innumerable polution complaint: PCBs, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Alachlor,

This is an example of the corporate PR technique of creating front organizations used for deceiving the public.

In addition to corruption charges Monsanto has been responsible for destroying wildlife habitat (not to mention human habitat) via their chemicals including:

Agent Orange

Agent Orange  used as a defoliant in Vietnam military personnel (and Vietnam residents) started seeing birth defects and health problems. On May 7, 1984, Monsanto settled by paying 45% of an $180 million fund.

In 2013 Monsanto reached a settlement with the town of Nitro, West Virginia, agreeing to pay $93 million for compensatory damages, cleanup, and ongoing monitoring of dioxin contamination in the area around a plant where Agent Orange was made.


In  Kemner v. Monsanto plaintiffs  were awarded $16.2 million in punitive damages. Monsanto appealed and the award was reversed.

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Monsanto settled numerous pollution cases around their product PCB which is used in the electrical industry.

In 2003, Monsanto settled for $700 million in the West Anniston, Alabama case for residents who had been affected by the manufacturing and dumping of PCBs. 

In 2015, the cities of Spokane, San Diego, and San Jose initiated lawsuits against Monsanto to recover cleanup costs for PCB contaminated sites, alleging that Monsanto continued to sell PCBs without adequate warnings after they knew of their toxicity.


Alachlor, an herbicide widely used in the U.S., has been banned in the European Union after a French court found Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning of a farmer 

So congratulations, Monsanto, for your wonderful record in Wildlife Habitats!

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