What is Ige's real goal for DLNR?

Did governor Ige appoint the appallingly bad Carleton Ching to head DLNR in order to sneak in an equally unacceptable first vice chair, Kekoa Kaluhiwa?  While voters are concentrating on blocking confirmation of Ching, will Kaluhiwa sail through without any hard questions as to his qualifications and connections?

We don’t know much about Kaluhiwa except that he is a lobbyist at Kuano’o Communications and Nevada registered GeoPolicy Group and has worked on the developer side of things.

We attempted to reach Kaluhiwa to ask about his developer clients but he is keeping a low profile and not responding.

With Ching almost certain not to be confirmed, is the real goal to put in an equally bad but not as well known lobbyist for developers?

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